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Awning Windows

Our timber awning windows are where elegance meets functionality.

Elevate Your Window Design with Awning Windows

Elegance and Versatility in Awnings Window Design

We take pride in introducing you to the world of awning windows, where elegance meets functionality. Awnings are hinged from the top and open from the bottom with a chain winder, offering a unique combination of style, ventilation, and versatility.

Awning windows are characterised by their top-hinged design, which allows them to swing outward from the bottom. This distinctive feature makes them an excellent choice for areas where privacy and ventilation are paramount, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s aesthetics or improve energy efficiency, our awning windows are the perfect choice.

Customisation Options

All Timber Windows believe in offering our customers the freedom to customise their awning windows. You can personalise your awning window with colonial bars for a classic look or choose energy-efficient glazing options to improve insulation and reduce energy costs.

Timber and Aluminium Fly Screens

Keep insects at bay while enjoying the fresh breeze. Our awning windows can be fitted with either timber or aluminium fly screens, ensuring your home remains pest-free without obstructing airflow or natural light.

Awning Windows

Range of Colors

We understand that every home has its unique style and color scheme. That’s why our chain winders are available in a range of colors to match your interior or exterior decor seamlessly.


Energy Efficiency and Security

Our awning windows are designed to offer exceptional energy efficiency. When closed, they provide a tight seal, reducing drafts and helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round. Additionally, our windows feature durable locking mechanisms to enhance the security of your home.


We prioritise the safety and durability of our products. Our awning windows are fortified with robust locking systems, providing enhanced security for your home. Crafted with meticulous precision and utilising top quality materials, these windows are engineered for longevity and performance that stands the test of time.

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